DemTab: Tablet-based outpatient care for people with dementia: guideline-based treatment planning, individual disease management and integrated health care


Use of communication and information technology to improve outpatient care of people with dementia


DemTab: Tablet-based outpatient care of people with dementia

The main objectives of the research project are the development and scientific evaluation of a tablet-based intervention that aims to improve outpatient dementia care. Further, findings will help to identify optimization potential in the existing outpatient care of people with dementia, as well as remedy existing care deficits and improve the quality of care and patient-oriented outcomes. In the long term, the research results can help to successfully implement innovative care concepts in health care.


As part of the research project, a qualitative feasibility study will be carried out to test a tablet-based treatment approach in the everyday outpatient dementia care. In addition, a tablet-based intervention will be developed and subsequently tested in an intervention study designed to help improve the outpatient care of people with dementia. The intervention comprises three main components:

  • Guideline-based treatment planning: DemTab supports GPs with technology-based treatment pathways and algorithms
  • Individual disease management: DemTab provides people with dementia support with daytime structuring, medication intake and the implementation of guideline-based psychosocial interventions in the home environment. Further, DemTab increases patient empowerment by providing dementia-specific information to patients and relatives
  • Integrated health care: support of direct / indirect communication of patients, family caregivers and health care providers as well as of the  promotion of integrated care